Self Serve Washes Now Available 
Tuesday, through Sunday. LAST WASH 5pm!!!
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THE PET WASH Fast + Easy Bathing System is the best thing that has ever happened to the Self-Serve Dog Wash industry! It not only cuts bath time in half, but it also eliminates the need for hand scrubbing. While other Self-Serve Dog Washes charge an extra $10 to $15 for a comparable system, at THE PET WASH it’s FREE!

 THE PET WASH Fast + Easy Bathing System surrounds your dog in a luxurious spray of soothing shampoo, or conditioner infused bubbles that massage away dirt and debris while strengthening & rejuvenating the skin and coat! All this for the low price of $22 for Small to Medium dogs, and $25 for large to extra large dogs!

 Also Included Are:

 Your own private room! Each room is 10 foot wide by 10 foot long with a 5 foot high gate, and 8 foot high walls, providing you with a secure and comfortable place to bathe ALL of your dogs at the same time!

A room that is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each use.

A grooming table, where you can brush your dogs before and after their bath, as well as cut their nails and dry them.

An extra-large waist high tub, that eliminates bending and easily accommodates even the largest of dogs with an optional shelf for bathing even the smallest of dogs. Each tub is equipped with a non-skid built-in ramp, anti-slip bathmats, slings to secure your dog and a removable door that provides easy, safe access for dogs of all shapes and sizes, including older and arthritic dogs.

The most powerful hair dryers available! Our dryers reduce the time it takes to dry ANY dog, even the largest full-coated breeds. Our dryers blow comfortable warm air that will not overheat your dog but will keep the chill off on those cool winter days.

A wide selection of premium shampoos & conditioners at no additional cost, including Oatmeal, Citrus, and Sensitive skin shampoos as well as a soothing Oatmeal conditioner.

Everything you need to wash, dry & pamper your dog, including waterproof aprons, towels, ear cleaner, cotton balls, Q-tips, gloves, brushes, combs, leave-in coat conditioners, fragrances, and much more!

CLEAN & BEAUTIFY your dog at THE PET WASH and avoid the stress, the mess, and the pain in the back you get from bathing your dog at home!

40 minutes per dog
Extensions are $10 for 10 minutes.
Extra set of towels $5

Open Tuesday to Sunday 9am to 6pm
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