THE PET WASH is 100% Cage Free & Kennel Free!

At THE PET WASH there’s no cage drying,  no dogs stacked up in cages in the back room waiting for hours to be bathed or groomed. From the moment your furry friend enters THE PET WASH,  until you pick them up they are never left alone. The mental and physical well-being of your dog is very important to us, so we go out of our way to create an environment  that is as stress free as possible.

We don’t rush things here, we take the time to greet our friends with a smile, a reassuring touch and a welcoming treat. If at any time during your dog’s visit  to THE PET WASH  they find something a little too stressful, we stop whatever it is we were doing and let your dog know that here at THE PET WASH they have the final say in what is or isn’t done. We are animal lovers first, bathers and groomers second, and it shows in the way we pamper and care for all of our furry friends.

THE PET WASH Full Service Menu:

Full Service Wash – We shampoo twice (you choose from a wide selection of shampoos), apply oatmeal conditioner, towel dry, blow dry, clean ears, clip nails if necessary, brush for 5 minutes, and spray with one of our many fragrances and/or therapeutic coat conditioners. Price varies by breed, size and coat.

Full Grooming – Includes everything in the Full Service wash and adds a full body haircut. THE PET WASH  specializes in providing your dog with a low stress grooming experience. We custom design every haircut around the individual needs of your dog. Price varies by breed, size and coat.

Shed Control – Our Shed Control treatment removes up to 90% of your dog’s shedding hair. Less shedding means less vacuuming, less embarrassment when guests come to visit and less hair stuck to your clothes and clogging your washing machine and dryer! THE PET WASH  Shed Control treatment will improve your dog’s skin and coat while both you and your dogs will benefit from a reduction in allergies. Available as a Self-Serve or Full-Serve add-on.

15 Minute Full-Service Express Wash – Perfect for the summer months, puppies, short haired dogs, and dogs who do not like blow drying. We offer this as a lower cost alternative to our full service wash. We shampoo twice (you choose from a wide selection of shampoos), apply oatmeal conditioner, towel dry, clean ears, and spray with one of our many fragrances and/or therapeutic coat conditioners. Price varies by breed, size and coat.

To ensure that every dog receives our world class CAGE-FREE, NEVER LEFT ALONE treatment, we ask that you pick up your dog at the completion of their services. 

A $10 per 15 minute late fee applies.

Cancellation Policy:

Your appointment is very important to us. We reserve the time needed for us to bathe and groom your pup, and we are always ready for you when you arrive. 

We understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary; therefore, we respectfully request at least 24 hours notice for cancellations. 

Please understand that when you forget or cancel your appointment without giving us 24 hours notice, we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time, and pups on our waiting list miss the opportunity to be bathed or groomed.

Less than 24 hour notice or no notice at all will result in a non-refundable pre-payment for future services.

Thank You for your cooperation and understanding!

Full Serve Add-ons
Nail trim
With express wash.
With bath or full groom.
All-natural flea dip. Essential oil based $12
Sanitary Trim $20
Section Trims:
Foot-pad, Feet,
Vision, Ears or Tail
Teeth brushing:
Includes toothbrush
Deep ear cleaning
Removes wax buildup
De-shed / De-mat $22 per
15 Minutes
Anti-itch treatment, Includes medicated:
Conditioner, &
Leave-in spray
De-skunk treatment $45
Special treatments:
Blueberry facial scrub,
Exfoliating shampoo,
Whitening shampoo,
Anti-fungal/anti-bacterial shampoo,
Hot oil treatment,
Paw Pad treatment

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